Born Stephen Wayne Norman in San Antonio, Texas to Gene And Margie Norman, he is the youngest of three brothers; Danny, Jamie and Stevie. Young Stevie started out early in his musical endeavors.  At the age of 8, his father taught him the basics of guitar, learning just a few chords but sparking an interest that would last a lifetime!  Playing for relatives in the family band was only the beginning of a long road!

As a teenager Stevie began playing with lots of different bands in the San Antonio area including bands such as Crystal Winter, Apocalypse, Squeeze, Hot To Go, Razz, Heyoka, Black Mountain, Johnny Lightning, and Just Dezzerts!  All different styles of music were covered, including Rock, Blues, Top Forty, Country, and even Disco, providing quite the musical education!

 In 1981 while playing in Black Mountain, Stevie came up with the stage name "Steve South". As the story goes, Stevie and his brother Jamie, both on guitar, jokingly did not want to be seen by their friends playing Country and Western music. (both were into rock) Jamie told the singer to call him "Jim North" while introducing the band over the microphone! Stevie then proclaimed "if you are going to be Jim North, then I'm going to be Steve South"! The names stuck and Black Mountain eventually broke up, but Jamie and Stevie still called each other Jim North and Steve South over the years!

In 1988, Stevie relocated to Austin, Texas attracted by the active music scene.  After a few stints with some Austin bands such as Shakedown, Duke Jupiter, and Preacher Keen, the time had come to do his “own thing”!

In 1996 Stevie decided to put together his own band! Searching for a band name, he resurrected the 1981 stage name "Steve South"  and the Steve South Band was born! The Steve South Band began playing all over the central Texas area!  In 2001 the long over due debut cd “Rise Again” was released! 

After ten years and thousands of gigs, Stevie decided it was time for a change! It was time to move on from "Steve South" and get real! Having grown tired of playing, among other things, "classic rock copy songs", it was time to focus on one thing: The Blues! Enter the Stevie Norman Blues Band!

The Stevie Norman Blues Band played original blues and blues rock, but also covers, not copies of classic blues songs by legendary artists! 

In 2009, the name was changed to simply, Stevie Norman Band and the music gravitated back to more rock and roll.

In 2013 after many years of playing bars, Stevie decided to take off some time from the music scene and recharge the musical batteries. Still playing daily at home, several years were spent writing recording and refining original music! Around 2016 the urge to once again play in public began to grow until it became obvious it was time to put together a new band playing original music! Scott Womack and Mark McChristian were recruited and in November, 2016, rehearsals began! By early 2017 the band was ready to play up to an hour and a half of original music!

The band and the concept continues to evolve, so stay tuned! This story isn't over yet!

Viva Stevie Norman Band!!

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