December 23, 2014

I'm still here!!!

Some of you out there who are familiar with the Stevie Norman Band might be wondering WTF happened to those guys?!!

Well, I decided I needed a break from the bar scene after many years of playing Central Texas and particularly Sixth Street in downtown Austin.  I felt like I had lost my inspiration to play well and was just going through the motions. I just needed to recharge and work on new material as well as tweak some existing songs. I have been playing everyday at home and recording some home demos to present to band members whenever I feel ready to get going again!

I've always played original songs in addition to covers, but I have been working towards playing mostly original shows with a few well arranged covers thrown in! Ultimately I would like to record a studio album of original material and play shows such as festivals, etc., where they "don't want no stinking cover bands"!

Another issue I've been dealing with is hand cramps! I've always been prone to hand cramps, but in the last few years, with my advancing age, they have been a major problem! At almost every show in recent years I have had hand cramps occur mid-set resulting in my inability to play for about 2 minutes! And after each incident I was walking on egg shells the rest of the gig in fear of having another cramp! A real nightmare!

Anyway, I decided to update my news page in case anyone was still interested in what's been going on! In a nutshell, I'm recharging, working on songs and slowly planning my re-entry in to the music biz! If you have any comments or words of encouragement, click on the contact link on the home page and shoot me an e-mail or leave something on my guestbook!

That's it for now kids! Have  a great 2015 and I'll see you at my next gig, whenever and wherever that may be!

Thanks, Stevie Norman.

Austin, Texas

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