May 9, 2009

Well, so much for trying to keep on top of this news page! The last update was September 5, 2008 in which I claimed I would try to "stay on top of it"!

Yea right!

Well first off, the biggest news to report, I guess is that I've dropped the "Blues" from the name and we are now simply, Stevie Norman Band! We still play mostly blues our own way, but I finally caved in to the idea of throwing in an occasional classic rock tune if the situation calls for it. I would still like to arrange any songs we may do, "our way", but that has proved to be a daunting task! Trying to call a rehearsal in this band is like pulling teeth! Very difficult!  Things will be changing in the not too distant future hopefully!

I still have not given up on recording a CD! In fact I have written four new tunes and we are actually playing two of them live! I would like to continue writing and eventually record that CD! My hope is not to become a "star", but simply have a quality product available which would in turn lead to some credibility, recognition and higher profile gigs! I don't consider these ambitions unreasonable or unrealistic! In fact, they are quite do-able!

Since my last update I had been hired back by Gabe Nieto to play a string of gigs from Nashville, Tennessee to Ruidoso New Mexico! On are way to the Nashville gig we were racing up Texas ahead of hurricane Ike! We stayed ahead of the hurricane, but it was a ball busting trip - 18 hours non stop! I had played a gig with the Sevilles the night before, so I was quite tired! We played in Huntsville, Alabama first, then Nashville We stayed in a 7 bedroom mansion in Huntsville, which was pretty cool! Also, the first gig was at the Space Museum in Huntsville, which was quite interesting! Anyway, my last gigs with Gabe were in Ruidoso at the Inn of the Mountain Gods and the Oasis in Austin back in January. I was let go shortly after that as a result of downsizing. That was just fine with me because I was pretty tired of playing strictly rhythm guitar! I enjoyed most of my time with Gabe however! I called Gabe the day after being let go to tell him thanks for everything, Gabe is a pro and very generous man! I was disappointed however when that call went to voicemail and Gabe, for whatever reason, never returned my call! Oh well!

On a down note, the drummer and leader of the ZZ Top tribute band, Sharp Dressed Men, is fighting for his life against cancer! Roy Hernandez was diagnosed in February with cancer! It started as a tumor in his hip and has spread to his lungs! I had noticed Roy limping at a few gigs, but never in my wildest dreams did I think it was cancer! Hang in there Roy and fight the good fight! We are pulling for you! You can track Roy's progress at CaringBridge.

That's it for now, but check back again for more news as it happens! As long as your here, sign the guest book!

Thanks, Stevie Norman.

Austin, Texas

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