May 10, 2011

Well, it's about time!

I have really been a serious slacker when it comes to this news page! For that matter, I've been a slacker when it comes to the Stevie Norman Band! In the past four years, I've pretty much been on auto pilot as far as booking gigs go! I think it was because after booking my former band, the Steve South Band for over 10 years, I just got really tired of doing what it takes to book the gigs! I needed a break! Anyway, I've been working on motivating myself for that and trying to keep up with the web site, and here I am actually writing a current news page! Hopefully more gigs will follow!

I have been playing with other bands as well in the past few years, including a ZZ Top tribute band called "Sharp Dressed Men"! In my last news page two years ago, I mentioned that the band leader and drummer, Roy Hernandez, was battling cancer and fighting for his life! Well I'm sorry to report that Roy lost the battle to cancer back on May 25, 2009. A benefit was held for the family and Sharp Dressed Men played their final gig with Roy's friend Anthony Smircic filling in on Roy's drum kit!

Another band I mentioned in my last news page was Gabe Nieto and the Jalapeno Express! I ended my stint with Gabe back in September 2009! I played acoustic rhythm guitar with that band just to make a few bucks! Never again! My electric guitar chops suffered from that and it took quite a while to get back in shape!

The last few years of my life have been filled with personal tragedies! Besides losing Roy Hernandez, I have a lost a cousin, two uncles, two aunts and my father, but I won't go into any details! Life goes on!

In the past few months we have had some pretty good gig opportunities and the gigs are adding up! We still play the second Saturday of each month at Friends on Sixth Street here in Austin! We have also been playing at Romeo's in Austin, Buchanan Dam Beach Club (near Buchanan Lake) and Third Base Sports Bar in South Austin! I plan on seeking out new venues to play and get back into playing a lot more!

I also still plan on some day recording a new CD someday! I have the material, just no funds for the project! In the meantime I have been offering our official bootleg, Stevie Norman Band "Live" on Sixth Street, a CD of songs recorded live at Friends.

Last but not least, we finally have a new guest book! The last couple of years, our old guest book didn't work! Please sign the new one before you leave! We need the feedback!

That's it for now, but check back again for more news as it happens! 

Thanks, Stevie Norman.

Austin, Texas

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