June 23, 2007

Well, here it is six months into the new band, and I am just now getting around to writing the first news page! There is a reason for the delay however! I have been waiting to get my musician line up stable so I could post pictures and write about the fabulous success the band is enjoying! Well that would be in a perfect world! In reality, I still have not found a full time drummer and keyboard player. I have the same bass player I had in the Steve South Band and use available drummers and keyboard players that I book by the gig. Good keyboard players are rare, so I am not surprised to not have one on board yet, but I did expect to find a drummer by now! The plan for now is to find the right drummer and then rotate good musicians in the fourth musician slot in the band! That means I would use a keyboardist, guitarist, harmonica player, sax player or whoever for that position, as long as they are good! Some gigs we will just play three piece!

For those of you who don't know, a brief history of the band! In 1996, I started the Steve South Band, Steve South being my "stage name!" We were a three piece power trio playing blues, blues rock, rock, classic rock, southern rock, r&b, originals, and very rarely, country. In 2001 we released a CD of original material, "Rise Again". We played all over Central Texas and occasionally in New Mexico, and played 100 to 150 gigs a year. That went on until the end of 2006. That's when I decided to drop my stage name and concentrate on blues and blues rock. The idea behind the band is to play original songs and to cover, not copy,  blues songs using our own arrangements. We never copy anyone else's songs, with one exception. Hendrix! We will throw in an occasional Hendrix song at our gigs and it is OK (check your rule books) to copy a Hendrix tune! For the band name I decided to use the name my family has called me since I was a baby, Stevie, and my real last name, Norman.  Hence, the Stevie Norman Blues Band! Now, I am as big of a Stevie Ray Vaughan fan as any Texas guitar player, but that really has nothing to do with it! I have been Stevie since long before the world knew about SRV, and it's OK (check your rule books again) to use your own name! Enough said!

And so it goes! Six months into the new act and still going! I have been arranging the new material with some occasional help from my bass player, Russ Caccamisi, and we are having fun with it! But it seems like we are moving in slow motion, because it gets a little frustrating at times not having full time members. The players we use are great players, but once they learn enough material for the gig, that's it! It's like pulling teeth to get some of these guys to rehearse! In the Steve South Band, we rehearsed regularly, were very tight, and had well over 100 tunes to choose from at our gigs! Right now the new song list is less than 30 songs! It's just a matter of time before the right player comes along and we get on track! After that, I plan to go back in the studio and record a new CD. I'll keep you posted!

We have a page on I have some tunes posted over there you can listen to. I will get some clips on this website too, very soon. Click here to visit the MySpace page.

That's it for now, but check back again for more news as it happens! As long as your here, sign the guest book! You can access that link from our home page!

Thanks, Stevie Norman.

Austin, Texas

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