April 8, 2017


We're back!

After a quite long hiatus, the Stevie Norman Band is back and ready to conquer the world! The lineup has changed, but we're still a three piece rock and blues band with the emphasis on ROCK!  Also, we now play all original songs with no plans to perform any "copy shit"! (lol!)

The new lineup consist of veteran musicians Scott Womack on bass and vocals with Mark McChristian on drums. We've been in rehearsals since about November, 2016 and are ready to play up to an hour and a half of original music! Playing all original music, of course, does come with it's challenges. It's a lot harder to find those choice gigs where we can play just one long set and the audience is expecting an all original show. So as a result, the calendar isn't exactly packed with gigs right now! We're working on it!

On the agenda, of course, is recording an album! I've mentioned this many times in previous updates, but we are closer to that goal than I've been in many years! The lineup is solid and the material is there, it's just a matter of lining up the money to record!

We have recorded some demos in the meantime! While you're here, click on the Sounds icon below and check out the three songs we have available!

Check back regularly for updates and upcoming gigs!

Thanks, Stevie Norman.

Austin, Texas

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